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Version: 1.08

      - New feature added - cheking for upcoming dates and events.

Version: 1.07

      - Hot fixes.

Version: 1.06

      - Improvements in categories, searches and the hot key.

Version: 1.05

      - New button added (Reset) for clearing search parameters.
      - A lot of small bug fixes and improvements.

Version: 1.04

      - New functionality added - text grabbing from other programs.

Version: 1.03

      - Added links to the online tutorial and to the form for submiting bug reports. Both in "Info" window.
      - A lot of small bug fixes.

Version: 1.02

      - Added print buttons.
      - Doble mouse click in the main table with records opens "Edit" mode.
      - Other small fixes.

Version: 1.01

      - Repaired a bug preventing updates.
      - Other minnor bug fixes.

Version: 1.00

      First official public version.