"BaMy"© is a Personal Knowledgebase and note taking application developed by Mystery Soft LTD. It is working under Microsoft Windows OS (XP or later).

Current version: 1.08 (update log)

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PORTABLE VERSION (Zip file, no installator)



BaMy can be used to store all kind of personal knowledge one's have. It is very useful for mantaining different collections (books, games, movies, etc.).

It can grab text from other applications with a single button click.

It has a powerful search algorithm with additional options.

Images and links can be added for each item in the knowedlgebase.

Both web links and local files can be added as "links" - text files, audio and video files, even executables are welcome. They will be open with the default program associated with their file type.

Program's interface can be in english or bulgarian (more to be added in the future). The data in the knowledge base can be in any language.

There are two themes (skins) available (more to be added in the future) - "Obsidian" (shown in the examples above) and "Windows Default Theme" (shown below).

You can use BaMy Knowledgebase for organizing your real life phisical collections. You can indicate where an item is (in another "container") and how many pieces you have.

Enjoy your knowledge. Play with your data and explore it. For example - can't decide which one of your favourite albums to listen to? Press "Random choice" and let the program decide.

BaMy can be password protected. All you data is stored on your computer and no part of it is send over the Internet. Still in the future there might be a cloud based multiplatform version of the program.